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On Going


Odell: A fish simulation game.

Resist Christmas: Chinese Authorities vs. Xmas Celebrators

A game for 2 players based on this nytimes article.

Download the PDF


Works for Woodwind Trio

Jazz thoughts for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon.

Hocus Pocus (arrangement of Lee Morgan's tune):

PDF, Bsn, Ob, Cl, MP3

Bike with a Sidecar:

PDF, Bsn, Ob, Cl, MP3

Animation for Bassoon:

PDF, Bsn, Ob, Cl, MP3


REAL BOOK of Robert Linnemann

PDF Includes 7 jazz song heads in C/Bb/Eb. PDF


Egg Hunt


Global Game Jam 2014

Cuppa Quest

A game for 3 players. One player has the movement controls and can pick up items and use them. Another player can see an obscured view of the room. A third can only hear binaural sound. Oh and it's bifurcated onto two ipads. A ton of fun and a great game in the end. Thanks Jey,Laura,Minkette and Dave.

Audio cuts: quest giver, cat, ghost,
Playtesters at GGJ
Good time making a new board game at the Global Game Jam.


Global Game Jam 2013


Good time making a new board game at the Global Game Jam.


Art March

To be played at Art Openings. Best without warning. Start playing outside the gallery area then come in marching in single-file. Kindly split each group of minglers, then walk out and fade out.
Minimum playing group is parts 1 and 5.

Art March

[PDF] Art March
[MP3] Art March (sample)


Dream Within a Dream for String Quartet

I wrote a string quartet piece called "Dream within a Dream". Write up in the newspaper

Space to Breathe

Composed String Quartet Competition
March 6th, 7pm @ the Community Music Center
Classical Revolution PDX
[MP3] Listen to my String Quartet piece "Dream within a Dream".


Sax Octavo

Beta Phase. We have a working beta (view my video of the alpha test). First full prototype coming 2nd week of January.

It is an integrated pickup and speaker mounted inside the alto sax bell giving the potential of 1-2 octaves lower playing. The prototype will be hands-free as it will have an integrated battery and speaker. There is also output to 1/4" or 1/8" audio plugs.


It Takes Two



Penguin Olympics



House Party


Etude for 2 Oboes #3

Keeping with the theme of odd ones being for beginners this little tune makes use of one of my favorite things, the neapolitan sixth. There is a focus on slurring and playing staccato versus no markings. The 2nd Oboe is simpler so the teacher can focus on the student and support them musically.

Etude for 2 Oboes #3 [mp3]

Etude for 2 Oboes #3 [pdf]


Free iPhone Ring Tones

I'm going to replace all of the sounds with acoustic instruments sounds.
Mando Ring(m4r for iphone/itunes)
Mando Ring(mp3)
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Gameboy Advance Programming
A drawing program I wrote based on HAMlib called Pixel (readme) and you can play it in a gameboy emulator.


Etude for 2 Oboes #2

Two oboes in harmony, what more do you want?

This is a large step up in difficulty from etude #1. A fun tune. Maybe I will write the odd ones to be for beginners and the even ones for intermediate players. Ha. Well this is an oboe exercise in slurring and articulation.
PDF Etude for 2 Oboes #2
reference midi mp3


Chamber Music Readings

I just found some of these unpacking scores. The second one I rewrote for Piano trio. The third one, Alpen Lied, I've arranged for symphony orchestra.

Mongomery Bus recorded by The Zeitgeist New Music Group [mp3] (b. clar, pno, xylo, brake)

Color Commentary on Violence by the Vehrder Trio [mp3](clar, vln, pno)

Alpen Lied by Duo 46 [mp3](vln,gtr)


Old Windows Software: Directory Explainer

Directory Explainer [zip, for windows]
(I wrote this a really long time ago) This little tool makes a text file that outlines the directory layout recursively. It is used to checking differences in folder structure. The text file is named structure.txt in the directory you wanted examined. It then automatically opens that file in notepad.

The purpose was to get a snapshot of a directory recursively and then be able to run a program to test it, then take another snapshot and be able to compare the directory structures. Be sure to grab the first text file and move it or rename it before you do it again to the same directory as it will just rewrite structure.txt.(I'm looking for the source, may post that sometime.-rob)


Now in PDX!

There is a great band in Portland called the Blue Cranes. I felt a bit inspired, so I arranged a few older tunes for their ensemble (alto sax, tenor sax, piano, bass, drums).

Between Subway Cars - full, alto, tenor, pno, bs, perc
Blue Bee - full, alto, tenor, pno, bs, perc
Grade A - full, alto, tenor, pno, bs, perc
Don't wanna dance in the rain again - full, alto, tenor, pno, bs, perc


Oboe Etude for Student and Teacher

This little tune is a lot more difficult that it looks. It incorporates many things that I have been working on in my own oboe playing. Etude for 2 Oboes(pdf)
Etude for 2 Oboes(finale mp3)


Thoughtful Endeavor

Violin Trio (Violin, Piano, Cello). I wrote this piece for the great woodland music camp, their group is a Violin Trio run by Josh Aerie. [easy, about 2:30]

thoughtfulendeavor.mp3 - Finale GPO (mp3)


Intimate letter to a friend

I am trying to get a bunch of music online from the last few years. I just realized I have written a ton of music, but not much has seen the lights of the concert hall. This is a composition I wrote for a friend in 2005. It is about 2 minutes long. It was written for solo Cello, but suitable for Bassoon, Euphonium. It could even be a left-hand only piano piece. This piece has never been in a concert. I would love to have a nice recording of it.

Intimate letter to a friend - [Finale GPO] (mp3)


Jazz Combo Chart

This is a free combo chart! Screw the real book. How about new music! If you play it sent me a recording! A Zany tune with cool changes for a three horn band. I've gone to the liberty of transcribing the Alto part for Clarinet and the Bari chart for Trombone. The end is unclear, but a nice crisp hit on the end of 4 is what I suggest. Give drummer & comper the bass part. Recording from Spontaneous Combustion May 6th, 2005 (mp3)(D.Adams-trpt,R. Linnemann-altosax,M.Wasmund-barisax,T.Abbot-bass,D.Westerlund-drums)
BetweenSubwayCars-Clarinet (Alto).pdf


Viscous (Oboe and Bassoon duet, 2004)

An almost 5 minutes this frenetic song is a duet for the double winds. It is for intermediate players. I actually played this one on the Oboe for my senior recital.

Oboe,Bassoon - [MP3] Viscous (recording by Finale 10 GPO)


Planting Potatoes

This is a cute little tune about a minute long. It is for Violin and Oboe. It uses many of the basic compositional techniques. It is very easy. Please email me if you play it in a concert. It is free to print and play.

Oboe,Violin - [MP3] Planting Potatoes (not yet premiered)(recording by Finale 10 GPO)


Sweet Georgia Brown Arranged for 3 Guitars

An old jazz standard written by Bernie, Pinkard & Casey. I wrote this a while ago for a guitar ensemble concert. Have the bass player and dummer just read the changes.


New Classical Music

The scores for these songs are available. Please email me for more information.

Piano - Michael and the Dragon (not yet premiered)(recording by Pam Schoriakoff)
PDF of Archangel Michael and the Dragon

Brass Quintet - Processional for a new life (premiered at my wedding picnic 8/1/09)(mp3 created by Finale Garritan Sounds)
Arrangements for Cello & Guitar. It is for Cello and Guitar.
Songs: Moon River, LaCalandria, Arroz con Leche, El Patio de mi Casa, Las Mananitas, Uncle John's Band. Cello & Guitar Arrangements: 'Never Stop Playing' (pdf)


It is People!

Tangier 57: Moves the Masses

(In Tangier 57 I play as 'Salah Ascot Xanadu').

Tangier 57 Takes on the Cosmos

Tangier 57: Last Night Never Happened

Staffgraph Music Manuscript Paper

I designed and developed this product. It was a high-quality music manuscript paper called Staffgraph (tm).

"I have worked directly with Robert for the last four years and have grown to respect him not only as a person, but as a talented programmer. Robert is simply one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He is also driven to see a project through to completion. Anyone who gets a chance to work with him is very lucky."
Jon Thralow, Internet Marketer, R.I. August 15, 2012

"Robert is an excellent programmer analyst. He puts a lot of energy into his work, he programs very well and is exceptional working with the business community, as well as his peers."

Jon Anderson, Systems Director, Maurices November 18, 2008

Robert is simply one of the best coworkers I've ever had. We both started at Steelcase around the same time, and I quickly became a fan of his infectiously friendly and insightful personality. Despite working different teams, I often saw the fruits of his work with his mobile team's presentations in regular sprint reviews and frequently over coffee breaks and lunch time conversations. His native development approach to Android/iOS led his team to meet and exceed project specifications. Robert's contributions at work didn't stop with his scrum user stories; he was ever ready to help me with troubling programming problems, discuss user-centric product design, or share some of coolest side-projects he had been working on. Robert wrote extensive blog posts about a range of topics through our corporate social network that helped bridge the divide between our techie Portland office and the traditional Michigan headquarters. During leadership meetings, Robert was never shy asking difficult questions about our product offering and corporate direction, all while providing respectful suggestions to problems we were facing. Though he is already an expert in his field, I know that he will readily attain countless new skills and prove to be a thought leader any organization would benefit from."

Tyler House - Senior Engineer Amazon Web Services September 10, 2018

"Robert is a creative and idea-filled talent - in everything he does. I'd recommend working with him any chance you get."

Rob Sailstad, Sr. Programmer Analyst, Maurices, Inc September 28, 2007

"Robert is a bright, energetic, and extremely creative individual. Robert has the ability to see beyond the obvious, highlighting subtleties that bring real value to the product."

Don Ness, Mayor of Duluth, MN September 29, 2007

"Rob is an extremely smart, funny and creative guy with lots of great ideas. He's always ready to help out, and is a good guy to just hang out with, too. And a heckuva musician."

Brian Barber, Art Director, WestmorelandFlint Advertising October 5, 2007

Sax Guide for iOS

My first app is NOW AVAILABLE at the iOS (iphone) app store. It is a fingering reference for all 4 saxophones + altissimo.


Space to Breathe for String Quartet

Space to Breathe

'Space to Breathe' is a collection of melodies originally written for a science fiction story about an astronaut that is on a spaceship hurtling towards Mars. He faces much adversity but finally reaches the penultimate step around Mars. Mission control gives him a last chance to abort the mission but he presses on. In the intense entry to Mars' atmosphere his spaceship breaks apart and burns up with a final flash of light. Classical Revolution PDX

[MP3] Space to Breathe (String Quartet)


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